What our clients are saying

Enisa Grozdanić, a Bosnian artist and book publisher living in Sweden

Case: Diabetes type 2

Enisa had diabetes type 2 with blood sugar of 30 mmol/L (=540 mg/dL) and felt several times, as late as December 2018, that she was about to die. 

(Normal sugar range is considered 4.0 - 5.4 mmol/L or 72 - 99 mg/dL when fasting)

Some symptoms included: Extremely low energy & fatigue, horrible diarrhea, insomnia, pains, anxiety etc.

Only 3-4 months later, with the Funtastiq Life Method & Personal Coaching, she says her life has improved 100%, with many symptoms totally gone already.

Enisa is now sleeping well, has regained good energy levels, interest in life with no anxiety, normal bowel movements, became productive again, started painting, had the strength to travel abroad serveral months on her own and much more...

Enisa's personal experience of health improvements is yet another example of the efficacy of the Funtastiq Life Method, spreading around the world, helping people living a funtastiq life.

I wanta gooda bettera healthieran awesomea FUNTASTIQLIFE!

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