Multi Nutri + Liver Detox

    Multi Nutri + Liver Detox



    Why Multi Nutri + Liver Detox?

    Many of us don't get enough nutrients from our diets. It's a fact that more than 50% of people in the US and many other western countries today consume synthetic supplements, like multivitamins, being aware something is missing and trying to handle the deficiency in essential nutrients.

    There has been much discussion whether synthetic nutrients provide the same benefits as natural nutrition. The answer has been obvious. Vitamins in their natural form from nature are more beneficial.

    Some synthetic chemicals marketed as nutrients, like Vitamin K, may actually be dangerous.

    That's why our Multi Nutri + Liver Detox is sourced from only the best whole-food ingredients, using the active forms of vitamins, and optimized for bioavailability and maximum effect.

    Micronutrient deficiencies are rampant in our modern diets and contribute to disease as we age.  We all need to be proactive, take charge of our health, and make sure we get everything our bodies need for optimal health.

    But keeping up with the most cutting-edge nutrition knowledge, identifying ethical suppliers, and determining optimal dosage practically requires a degree in nutrition just to cover your bases.

    To make it simple for you, we give you Multi Nutrition with Liver Detox Support.

    Instead of 20 different bottles, just one.

    Instead of 30 different pills, just four.

    Take 2 tabs in the morning and 2 in the evening.

    That’s the smallest we could make it to pack in this incredible amount of health-amplifying nutrition. You won’t find this much nutrition in this small of a dose anywhere else.

    It's only the best ingredients, using the active forms of vitamins, and optimized for bioavailability and maximum effect.

    Just look at some of our ingredients.

    With FUNTASTIQ Multi Nutri + Liver Detox You Get:

      • 16 Whole-food Organic Fruit and Vegetable Concentrates give you everything you need for happy, healthy cells with maximum bioavailability.

    • Powerful Doses of Vitamins and Minerals: We give you biologically relevant doses you won’t find in other multivitamins for maximum health impact.

    • Complete Liver Detox Support: All the vitamins in the world won’t help you if you are full of toxins. Help your body take out the garbage so you can can perform at your best.

    • Incredible Antioxidant Profile: Multi Nutri includes some of the most powerful antioxidants in the world to help fight free-radicals, aging, and protect your body.

    • Includes CoQ10 which is essential for your mitochondria to maximize energy production, giving you vitality and focus all day long.

    • Vitamin K2 & Vitamin D: The dynamic duo when it comes to cardiovascular and bone health. And you get one of the highest doses of any multivitamin around.

    • Designed for Maximum Absorption and Bioavailability: By sourcing in real plants, and using bioactive versions of important vitamins like methyl-folate, you can relax, confident that you’re getting real nutrition instead of just expensive powders.


    Pošalji a minimum of 70% on Suplementi with Multi Nutri + Liver Detox

    Now you can afford it. Not only is Multi Nutri one of the most powerful and comprehensive multivitamins available, it’s also one of the most affordable.

    To get all the micronutrients, vitamins, polyphenols, antioxidants, minerals, enzymes, and whole food concentrates individually could cost you upwards of $185 per month. For some markets we calculated that you'd need to pay more than a stagering $2000 per month for similair amount of inferior synthetic supplements!

    And you are assured of the highest quality, the most ethical sourcing, at optimal dosage.

    Not to mention the convenience of one single source.

    If you value your health, Multi Nutri + Liver Detox isn’t just a choice. It’s an affordable necessity for all.


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