Because it's finally possible!

The FUNTASTIQ LIFE METHOD was developed as the result of a mans struggle to get back from practically dying of so called chronic illnesses, to perfect and radiant health.

Life turned from a painful hell in the 90's to an absolutely funtastiq life, finally in 2014.

It took over 20 years of research and trials to go from tons of symptoms, chronic diseases and horrible aches and debilitation's, to reach the level of being 100% asymptomatic and finally enjoying optimal wellness.

Our Founder, through his journey to wellness, designed a step-by-step method and online system that today can be used by anyone, to get back on track with health and optimal well-being in record time.

He is now offering great parts of his "secret" system and method for free to our members.

This is just some of the things you will be able to access today by applying for a Free Membership...

  • Listen to interesting seminars, podcast and radio shows about health – The Method, comments about recent health news and discoveries etc
  • Track Your Vital Health Statistics with graphs – your weight, blood pressure, pulse etc. Are you progressing or worsening? You will immediatelly know.
  • Do our proprietary Health IQ Test – Lesser score, the less control over your health you have. Higher score equals higher positive control over your health and that results in a possibly healthier and happier you.
  • Get valuable Education & Training about the Basics of Optimal Health & Wellness


  • Your Personal Health & Diet Report – We give you the Manual or Book about You, that you should have been born with. Finally you can understand yourself, your condition and the way back
  • Get your own Personal Funtastiq Life Coach – Don't be alone, get help along your way back, get all your personal questions answered
  • Get Advanced Education & Training about the Basics and more more complex knowledge of Funtastiq Health & Wellness
  • Find the Best Health Products in the world in one place – Instead of shopping from 10 different sites, get all you really need here. Some are our own and can only be gotten from us!

A sick life is no fun. Change it. Share the good news with your friends. They will thank you forever. It's really simple –

Everybody wants a...



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